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Journal Papers
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M. Zeraati, Z. Aref, and M. A. Latify, “Vulnerability Analysis of Power Systems under Physical Deliberate Attacks Considering Geographic-Cyber Interdependency of the Power System and Communication Network,” IEEE Syst. Jour., Early Access, 2017. Winter 2018
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M. R. Sheibani, G. R. Yousefi, M. A. Latify, and S. Hacopian Dolatabadi, “Energy Storage System Expansion Planning in Power Systems: A Review,” IET Ren. Power Gen., Early Access, 2018. Spring 2018
N. Hosseini, A. Sheikholeslami, T. Barforoushi, and M. A. Latify, “Generation Units Maintenance Scheduling in Multi-Carrier Energy System,” Tabriz J. Elec. Eng., Accepted to be published, 2018. (in Persian) Summer 2018
H. Nemati, M. A. Latify, and G. R. Yousefi, “Coordinated Generation and Transmission Expansion Planning for a Power System under Physical Deliberate Attacks,” Int. J. Elec. Power & Energy Sys., vol. 96, pp. 208-221, 2018. March 2018
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M. Jadidoleslam, A. Ebrahimi, and M. A. Latify, “Probabilistic Transmission Expansion Planning to Maximize the Integration of Wind Power, ” Renew. Energy, vol. 114, pp. 866-878, 2017. Fall 2017
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M. Mirdar, M. Sheikh-el-Eslami, H. Seifi, and M. A. Latify, "Coordination of Technical and Financial Virtual Power Plants to Participate in Energy and Ancilary Services Market," J. Iranian Assoc. of Elec. and Electronic Eng., vol. 13, 2015. (in Persian) Summer 2016
H. Abdollahinia, M. A. Latify, and M. R. Sheibani, "Improvement of Generation Investment Dynamics by Encouragement of Investment in Distributed Generation," Tabriz J. of Elec. Eng., vol. 46, pp. 159-174,2015. (in Persian) Summer 2016
A. Marini, and M. A. Latify, “Transmission-constrained Generation Maintenance Scheduling Considering Market-based Demand Response,” Intl. Trans. on Elec. Energy Sys., vol. 26, pp. 1940-1960, 2016. September 2016
S. Sayyadipour, G. R. Yousefi, and M. A. Latify, "Mid-term Vulnerability Analysis of Power Systems under Intentional Attacks," IET, Gen., Trans. & Dist., vol. 10, pp. 3745-3755, 2016. Fall 2016
A. Marini, M. A. Latify, M. S. Ghazizadeh, and A. Salemnia, "Long-term Chronological Load Modeling in Power System Studies with Energy Storage Systems," Applied Energy, vol. 156, pp. 436-448, 2015. October 2015
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M. A. Latify, H. Seifi, and H. R. Mashhadi, “An Integrated Model for Generation Maintenance Coordination in a Restructured Power System Involving Gas Network Constraints and Uncertainties,” Intl. J. of Elec. Power & Energy Sys., vol. 46, pp. 425-440, 2013 March 2013
M. A. Latify, H. Seifi, H. R. Mashhadi, and M. K. Sheikh-El-Eslami, “Cobweb Theory Based Generation Maintenance Coordination in Restructured Power Systems,” IET, Gen., Trans. and Dist., vol. 7, pp. 1253-1262, 2013. November 2013
H. R. Mashhadi, J. Sadeh, and M. A. Latify, “A Risk-Based Approach for Bidding Strategy in an Electricity Pay-as-Bid Auction,” Europ. Trans. on Elec. Power, vol. 19, pp. 39-55, 2009. January 2009
Conference Papers
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Impacts of Energy Storage Systems on Market Power in a Day-Ahead Market with a Dominant Producer May 2018
Optimal Energy Storage System Planning Considering Generation Ramp Constraints and Demand Response in the Presence of Wind Power October 2016
Coordinated Operational Planning of Wind Farm and Gas Turbines in a Generation Company with Joint Consideration of Electricity and Natural Gas Markets October 2016
Transmission System Reinforcement under Intentional Attacks Considering Demand Seasonality October 2016
Vulnerability Analysis of Power Systems During the Scheduled Outage of Network Facilities November 2016
Ex-ante Analysis of Potential Impact of Transmission Switching on Market Power May 2015
A Supervisory Hierarchical Fuzzy Controller for Dynamic Voltage Restorer (DVR) May 2015
Investigation on Reactive Power Support Capability of PEVs in Distribution Network Operation May 2015
Short-term Impact of Financial Virtual Power Plant on Electricity Market May 2015
Energy Management of a Cluster of Interconnected Price Responsive Demands Based on Cooperative Game November 2014
Impact of Forecast Accuracy on Energy Management of a Virtual Power Plant November 2014

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